Penny Lane Barber Shop's manager and hairstylist Mhairi has been practicing and perfecting her precision cutting style since the tender age of 14, when her dad demanded she get a job and shoved her into the local hairdressers.

Back in the 'cut and blowdry' era she quickly progressed from cutting hair for friends and family and worked at Cut & Dried in Sauchiehall Street.

By the time Mhairi was 19 she moved on to Duncans in St Vincent Street where she gained vast experience over the whole range of ladies and gents hairdressing styles.

She had a preference for traditional barbers styling and went on to Friscos in Cambridge Street, along the way mastering her barbers cutting technique, a combination of ladies and gents cutting styles.

Penny Lane Barber Shop - Shop front image
Penny Lane Barber Shop - Shop front image

Penny Lane Barber Shop was founded by Mhairi in 1999, taking up premises in Cresswell Lane (near Byres Road). Rumour has it that this area is haunted though this remains officially unverified, however for one reason or another, after cutting hair there for 15 years, Penny Lane Barber Shop made the short leap down Great Western Road into bigger premises at 323 North Woodside Road in 2014.

The shop holds many souvenirs from Mhairi's travels to places including India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Cuba and Thailand - masks are a particular favourite. Also of course there is an abundance of Beatles memoribilia, much of it donated by customers returning from their own travels.

There's also an acoustic guitar which customers are encouraged to have a shot of playing - quite a few of Penny Lane Barber Shop's eclectic bunch of regulars are performers involved in the Glasgow music scene.

So turn up, tune in and chill out - great haircuts, great chat and great prices at Penny Lane Barber Shop - a cut above the rest for sure!

Meet The Boss

Penny Lane Barber Shop - Sassy the dog image

This is Sassy, the undisputed leader of the Penny Lane staff hierarchy.

Sassy has many dog years experience in her field and brings her own friendly personality onto the shop floor.

Occasionally to be heard meeting and greeting the customers with a casual yelp, Sassy quietly patrols her territory, keeping the staff and customers in check and making sure everything is as it should be.